SevenSuperGirls Age, Names, Birthdays, Photos, All Together

The SevenSuperGirls are a group of girls, ranging from ages 11-18, that consists of seven members: Alexis, Ella, Brianna, Ashlynn, Jaidyn, Mimi and Ellie. They are the largest all-girl partnered collaboration on YouTube receiving over 8 million subscribers and 4 billion video views. Each day of the week stars a different girl, most notably Alexis on Monday, Ashlynn on Tuesday, Ella on Wednesday, Brianna on Thursday, Jaidyn on Friday, Mimi on Saturday and Ellie on Saturday. On occasion, a new girl replaces the current girl usually due to the current girl getting older and more mature. All-female vlogging YouTube channel that stars a different girl each day of the week. The channel would go on to earn more than 4.8 billion total views. Videos including “Lucy’s Morning Routine,” “Strange and Unexpected” and “Jazzy’s Sleepover WAR!” were each viewed more than 100 million times each.

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